The countdown has begun and very soon we will be opening the doors for the 26th time to Copenhagen's Yearly Kink Extravaganza - Fetish Fashion Party!

Here is what you need to know!!

  • Find your ticket 
  • Bar selection | creditcard only
  • Getting there 
  • Pay for parking 
  • Official Photographers 
  • Smoking area 
  • Strict Dresscode
  • Info to newcomers
  • How we party
  • No Phones allowed
  • Follow our Guides instructions
  • Changing Room
  • Wardrobe Lockers with QR Code

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Strict Dresscode and Code Of Conduct

You are attending a fetish party with a strict Dresscode and Code Of Conduct! These core values are what make this event truly unique.

This is not a costume party but a place to express the most extreme version of yourself through your clothing and specific behavior in a sex positive space we create together.

Make sure to follow the dresscode to pass the dresscode check-in upon arrival.

You can find inspiration in our galleries at and our Instagram RAW account.

Info to all newcomers

If you have not been to our events before we have collected helpful need to know information here.

This will ensure that you as a newcomer, and everyone else, have a great party. 


This is how we party

Our Code of conduct describes the guidelines for what is acceptable behavior at our events.

If you fail to comply with this Code of Conduct, you will be asked to leave and most likely banned from attending again.

All participants have confirmed they have read and accepted this before purchasing a ticket.'



No phones are allowed inside the party. Go outside if you need to use your phone.


Guides - instructions must be followed

If you have any questions or experience anything that steps outside our Code Of Conduct that cannot be resolved privately please don't hesitate to contact one of our Guides during the evening.

You can identify them by the green LED armbands they are wearing. They are there to support a safe atmosphere.

They have the final say and their instructions must be followed.

Changing room

For those who need to change before entering there is a designated area for you to dress up.

Please note the changing room is a tent without heating. We encourage you to prepare as much as possible before arrival.


Digital Wardrobe lockers

To ensure a smooth entry the wardrobe offers smart self service wardrobe lockers activated by a QR code.

You scan the QR code on the locker. (Make sure your phone has a QR scanner before arrival)

You pay 40 DKK to get a code to the locker.

You can access the locker all night with the code for no extra fee. 

The size of the lockers are 30 cm wide x 40 cm high x 50 cm deep.

If one locker isn’t enough you can get codes to a maximum of 3 lockers.


Find your ticket

Have your ticket ready at the entrance. Search for in your inbox.



Check out the schedule for fashion shows, live performances, DJs and happenings at the website. 

Bar selection - credit card only

STAGEBOX only accepts major credit cards as payment in the bar.

You will find three bars with beer, wine, cava and cocktails.

Cava (ecological)
Red Wine (Cabernet Sauvignon) 
White Wine (Sauvignon Blanc)
Cocktails:  Passion Attraction & Berry Blaze

Getting there

getting there

The address is Refshalevej 189 1432 Copenhagen K. See this map to ensure the right way.

By Bus it’s 2A  and an 8 min walk. The bus runs all night every 20 minutes.

Pay for Parking


Use the Easy Park app and register EASY PARK CODE 3735.

The parking lot will be full, so be considerate how you park. See this map for parking

Official Photographers 

There will be official photographers at this event. You can identify them by the blue LED armband they will be wearing.

They will be moving through the party taking pictures of those that consent. No one will be photographed without consent.


There will also be orange armbands available at the entrance, that when worn, signal to the photographers that you consent to having your picture taken. Otherwise they will always ask before.


Pictures will be published either on our website or the @manifest.raw Instagram account to show off the raw energy and beautiful people that make Fetish Fashion Party what it is.

Photography is only permitted by our official photographers. 

Smoking Area

There is a designated smoking area at STAGEBOX. You will find this area outside next to the main entrance.

The area is sheltered but not heated and there will be blankets available for those that need them.