Welcome to a unique party!

On this page we have gathered specific information for newcomers to our parties. Maybe this is your first party, maybe you only have attended once before or maybe it’s a long time ago you want to recap what’s new.

We strongly encourage you to read Need to Know section. This will ensure that not only you, but everyone has a great party. The Nice to Know section elaborates more and will give you an even better understanding of what to expect when attending Fetish Fashion Party.


Need to Know

The common ground for everyone attending Fetish Fashion Party is fetishism, with a dedicated focus on clothing. If you don't enjoy dressing up, this is probably not the right party for you!

Strict Dresscode – the backbone of the party

You are attending a fetish party with a strict dresscode and not a costume party.

The dresscode is the backbone of our parties and everyone must pass the Dresscode Check-In. This is the area where our dresscode guides make sure everyone is following the dresscode before entering the party.

You can never be overdressed – and our dresscode guide is always ready to help guide you before attending your first party. Send an e-mail with photos of your planned outfit and they will let you know if your outfit complies with the dresscode.

You can find inspiration in our galleries at manifest.dk and our Instagram RAW account.

Read more about finding clothes/inspiration below.

How We Party – Our Code of Conduct

Over time we have created a unique atmosphere at our events incomparable with other kink events you may know of.

You will find yourself in a space build on consent, freedom, passion, desire, self-expression, and a distinctly mutual respect for others.

To ensure this we have a Code of Conduct that all attendees  must read and accept before purchasing a ticket.  These are the guidelines for what is acceptable behavior at our events.

This keeps our parties a safe place where everyone can feel free knowing their limits are observed and respected also when they let go of their inhibitions.

If you fail to comply to this Code of Conduct, you will be asked to leave and most likely banned from attending again.


If you have any questions or need assistance at the party please reach out to one of our guides.

You can identify them by the green LED armbands they are wearing. They are there to help you and happy to answer all your questions.

Am I attending a swinger / sex party?

You are attending a party with fetish as the core value with high diversity and tolerance. We are open minded and most of the participants you will meet are attending to hang out with friends, meet new friends, show off their latest fetish clothes, get inspired and dance.

That said our parties also cater for those who like to flirt, enjoying the BDSM furniture in the play areas and explore the more sexual areas of the party.

It’s entirley up to you whether you want to mingle, dance, flirt, go to the play areas or visit more sexual areas.
We recommend you think about what you want from your first party.

Below you can find some good questions to get you going. 

Who is attending?

With fetish being the core value, our parties cater for many varying preferences. For example, sadomasochists, exhibitionists, voyeurs, bondage enthusiasts, swingers, BDSM people, transvestites, gays, hedonists, lesbians, bisexuals, queers and everything in between.

All sexual orientations and gender identities are welcome and encouraged at our parties. Young or old, beginner or experienced, we welcomes everyone in the name of fetishism and extreme sexual expression.



Nice to Know

Where do I find inspiration/clothes?

We have two official sponsors. Lust and Homoware which both have a physical shop in Copenhagen.

If you like to use online stores there are plenty of great options out there. In the ManiFest FetLife group you will find our members' best recommendations.

Otherwise search the web for fetish clothing like latex, leather, wetlook, leather, pvc, satin or whatever you can imagine. Mind taxes, fees and duties when you order outside the EU.

Consider spending a little bit extra to have it custom made, and do check if it’s possible to return it, if it doesn’t fit as you expected.

What do you mean with sex positive?

Being sex positive can be defined as an attitude and approach to sex that prioritizes personal agency and preferences and minimizes moral judgement.

Engaging a sex positive space doesn’t mean you have to have sex with anyone.

Being sex positive simply means that:

  • you’re open minded and non-judgemental towards sex and people’s sexual preferences and sexual history.
  • you can, or want to, talk openly about sex and learn more about it.
  • you never yuk some else’s yum. You accept and encourage sexual diversity and freedom.
  • you believe in a person’s right to sexual pleasure, no matter gender or identity.

Being sex positive doesn’t mean that you are “easy”.

How do I find others who are going to your parties?

There are several ways to enter the scene and find others who are attending our parties.

Newcomers Meetup

For Fetish Fashion Party there is a side pre-party event only for newcomers. Regardless of age, gender, or sexual orientation all newcomers are welcome to join such an event. You  can find more information about thsi event at the bottom of the line up page.


Being a part of our Crew

If you are new in the scene you can consider to be a part of our ManiFest Crew. This is a great way to make new friends in our community.

Being part of the ManiFest Crew gives you a chance to get to know the core of ManiFest. They are some of the coolest, funniest, and most dedicated people you will ever meet.



You can join our groups at FetLife and Darkside. There you can write a post and find other group members. When we announce an event, we also add it to the Darkside and FetLife, so you can see who is attending. Be respectful if you reach out to other members.

How to prepare your mindset

A few tools and mindset that can help your first party a bit more interesting

  • Attending our party is not at all about having sex. It’s about enjoying the way you choose to express yourself through your outfit and your actions.

  • Identify your boundaries, desires, and intentions. It’s easy to be caught up in the moment, and as a first timer we encourage you to be aware of what your boundaries are adn be responsible for yourself. There are plenty of parties waiting for you, so no reason to rush.

  • Think about what you would like to experience and how you like to contribute.

  • How do I talk to other people? If you are nervous or shy you are not the only one. Everyone in the community has been a newcomer at some point, and they remember how it was to be new.
    Our community is open minded and kind. So, you could go to a lounge area or to the bar to find someone you would like to talk to and say “Hi, my name is _ and I’m new here.” Or “This is my first party of this kind and I’m a bit nervous...".
    You will discover that others will respond kindly and happy to chat with you.