FFP weekend

Fetish Fashion Party is the main event Saturday evening for the FETISH FASHION PARTY WEEKEND

From Friday to Sunday there will be many supporting events, play parties, club initiatives and kink cultural experiences.

The program so far:  

 Friday 23rd September 

BDSM Kastellet


Friday 23rd September | 19:00 | Entrance between 19:00-20.30

”Show who you are, peacock in front of others and shock them with your feathers."

This party comes with a dresscode - Be elaborate, be the most beautiful Peacock of the party, your sense for kinky fashion is on display. Be the opposite, shock everyone with your dirty mind expressed through your outfit, expose yourself or insinuate - Add sexy to whatever material you are wearing, let it drape your body and turn yourself into a steaming hot package of material and body.

Suits, latex, leather, rubber, maids and everything else in between - This is the night were you make everyone look at you!

Peacock'n'Shock is a part of Fetish Fashion Party Weekend and is all about contrasts, fashion, body expression and dark fantasies

All our playrooms are open for all kinds of play, fire, rough, sensual or just sex - The floor and the stage all is yours while the music is on.

This is going to be a night to remember!

Ticket sales 

Read more and buy tickets here!



Intimate BDSM Play Night | Couples only | Excess Club

Friday 23rd September | 20:00 - 01:00 | Entrance between 19:30-20.00 

Friday night BDSM couples have a unique chance to enjoy erotic experiences and explore kinky fantasies in an unique atmosphere of safety and respect. Excess Club is one of the most exclusive BDSM clubs located in Copenhagen.

Excess Club has a sexy and stylish ambience that encourages play, flirt, intense dominance and extreme passion. Come play and explore.

The club offers 200 square meters of playrooms including a lounge area, suspension options, dungeon area, wetroom and an abundance of equipment and bondage options.

Excess Club is usually a members only club, but for this special night it is possible for couples to book a ticket without membership. To ensure a playful atmosphere we have limited ticket sales to only 16 couples.

Your hosts will make sure you are introduced to the club and will also be the dungeon moderators for the evening. Their instructions and guidance must always be followed.

Get your couples ticket

Tickets are non refundable and cannot be re-sold to others.

 < SOLD OUT > 

The Club is located a 15 min drive from Copenhagen Town Hall Square. You will receive the address and further infomation in a separate e-mail 7 days before the event.


We expect you to make an effort to get dressed up. It doesn’t have to be hardcore fetish or BDSM gear, although of course you are very welcome to!, but “ordinary” street wear is NOT allowed.

Inspiration for your outfit:

Classic evening dress, suits, ladies in evening dress | BDSM gear | Leather, PVC, rubber | Chains | Uniforms (erotic)  | Anything erotic – or nothing (come naked) 

Further questions for this event goes to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



BDSM Play & Socializing Association | SMil Copenhagen

Friday 23rd September | 20:00 - 24:00 | Singles & Couples Welcome

Friday evening SMil Copenhagen welcomes you inside our association with various BDSM rooms and areas. SMil Copenhagen is the largest BDSM club / association in Denmark and the home to more than 600 regular members. This evening you get to visit and participate.

The association provides 500 square meters of closed and open playrooms, open areas with suspension options, D/s lounge, socializing areas and lots of regular BDSM equipment, which is free to use.

SMil Copenhagen is usually a members only association, but this Friday, it is possible for ticket holders to Fetish Fashion Party to gain entrance. You need to show a printed version (phones are not allowed in the open areas!) of your FFP ticket to the person in the bar and pay an entrance fee of 80 DKK per person (most credit cards accepted). You must do this as soon as you arrive.

The association is located about 10 minutes from Vanløse metro station. The address is Skjulhøj Alle 57A, 2720 Vanløse.

We expect you to make an effort. Our saying is "Naughty, Festive, Seductive or Fetish". Normal street wear is NOT allowed. Keep it Dark, keep it Classy.

Inspiration for your outfit:
Classic evening dress, suits, evening dresses, lingerie, crossdressing, BDSM gear in general, latex, leather, PVC, (erotic) uniforms

Discretion and House Rules - Must Read Before Arriving!
Please read and obey the following:
Read our House Rules
Read our Rules of Discretion
If needed, please use google or other translation service.



SLM - Friday in Fetish | MEN ONLY

Come and explore the world renowned and exceptional gay fetish club SLM, Friday 23rd September. Doors open at 21:00.

SLM (Scandinavian Leather Men) is an S/M and fetish club for gay and bisexual men who like leather, rubber and uniforms etc. 

The club is located very close to the Town Hall Square right in the center of Copenhagen.

And for this special night you even get two free drinks in the bar, if you show up in fetish dress.  

To enter SLM Copenhagen, a membership is required. Exclusively for this night, a valid ManiFest Membership will work as a SLM B-Membership.

If you do not have valid ManiFest Membership you can purchase SLM membership at the entrance or on the website. 

SLM Copenhagen is not just a fetish and cruising venue but also a great place to meet guys and make new friends.

Read more about SLM.

SLM-Copenhagen | Lavendelstræde 17 | 1462 Copenhagen



Rope Jam | 400 m2 for Play, Pain & Pleasure in ropes

Friday 23rd September | 20:00 - 24:00  Kinbaku Lounge

Kinbaku Lounge is for everyone - regardless of rope experience, relationship status and sexual orientation.

A beautiful venue of 400 m2 with an amazing atmosphere for rope experiences of all kinds. Kinbaku Lounge is locatedin Valby, 10 mins from the city center.

Friday night is Rope Jam night for rope play. An ideal place to meet other Rope entuthiasts and maybe even find others to tie with - regardless the atmosphere is magic and worth a visit.

No advance registration


Read more here.

Kinbaku Lounge | Trekronergade 149A | 2500 Copenhagen



Cafe Viggo - Meet n’ GREET

Friday 23rd September | 19:00

Through the years Café Viggo has become the place where kink-minded people meet. Both to meet new friends and catch up with old ones.

Café Viggo is a well-established French bistro, restaurant and bar located on Frederiksberg in Copenhagen. You can either join for dinner or come later for a drink.


It’s optional to dress up in fetish outfit - but of course it’s easier to meet like minded people if you are dressed up in your great looking fetish outfit. 


If you like to join for a Meet Up Dinner you have to book a seat at the table.

When you put your booking, say it’s a booking for the “Fetish Fashion Party Weekend”. Then the restaurant will know you are taking part in the Fetish Fashion Party Weekend and make sure you will sit together with other great fetish-minded people.

Booking only by phone. Call Café Viggo at + 45 33 31 18 21 

At Café Viggo you can enjoy the French atmosphere, the French cuisine, the wines, the draft beer and the music that you found in the Parisian Latin Quarter. Read more here.

Cafe Viggo | Værnedamsvej 15 | 1610 Frederiksberg



 Husets bio GSH Friday


Friday 23rd September | Film start 20:00 | Lounge opens 18.00
1h 24m, 2009, dir Barbara Bell & Anna Lorentzon

Husets Biograf is Copenhagen's oldest underground cinema! And we are thrilled to invite you to this screening of Graphic Sexual Horror. The ultimate documentary about Insex.

Insex was one of the biggest BDSM pornographic websites on the Internet and arguably the most extreme American pornographic production featuring female submissives. 

Graphic Sexual Horror takes a peek behind the terrifying facade behind the most notorious of bondage websites, exploring the dark mind of its artistic creator and asking hard questions about personal responsibility.

Interviews reveal deep fascinations with bondage and sadomasochism that run parallel, and in fact become irreversibly entwined with the lure of money.

See the trailer | Read about Insex


It’s optional to dress up for this event.


There are limited tickets for this screening so be sure to get yours before they sell out. Warmup in Husets Biograf lounge from 18.00.

Husets Biograf | Rådhusstræde 13 | 1466 Copenhagen



 Saturday 24th September 


Beers, shopping and mingling @ HOMOWARE 

Saturday 24th September | 14.00-17.00

Enjoy an ice cold beer while checking out all the high quality equipment Homoware has to offer. Homoware is also a MisterB Concept Store.

Homoware has through the years been a driving force to give gays and others a place to buy quality products at a low price.

If you want to see the latest arrivals of boots or new outfit in neoprene, latex or leather gear this is the place to go. Not to mention the huge range of toys, lube and other high quality gear.

Homoware is a sponsor of ManiFest and you get a 5 % discount showing your valid ManiFest Membership Card at the shop.


Homoware | Larsbjørnsstræde 11, basement| 1454 Copenhagen

Lust Shopping

Champagne Shopping @ LUST

Saturday 24th September | 14.00-17.00

Lust invites everyone to a glass of bubbles from 14.00 to 17.00. Maybe your outfit needs a little extra or your stockings got ruined the night before. 

During your champagne shopping you can explore this erotic accessories boutique, which especially appeals to women - decent and subtle alternative to the usual porn shops.

Lust is not just a sexy store, it is the foundation of a cheerful and playful lifestyle that is becoming more and more prevalent among us. Lust is the place to get female counseling and test boundaries in a safe environment.

Lust is a sponsor of ManiFest and you get a 10 % discount showing your valid ManiFest Membership Card at the shop.

Lust | Mikkel Bryggers Gade 3 | 1460 Copenhagen



FETISH DINNER | Official Pre-Party Dining Event  

Saturday 24th September | 19:00

Shine your catsuit, put on your makeup and tighten your boots - it’s time for dinner in your finest fetish outfit! We kick start the main event with a dinner amongst other fetish minded people.

Restaurant 1733 is a very popular restaurant amongst kink and fetish people since the staff is very open minded and super friendly. The restaurant is located in the very center of Copenhagen.

Everyone can find something they like on the menu card and the chef is proud of the Danish cuisine and serves Danish dishes with a modern touch. Homemade from lovely fresh ingredients.

The atmosphere is fresh, unpretentious and down to earth. Here is room for everyone. Also you in your most flamboyant gear!

We encourage you to book your table at 19:00. This should leave time enough to have a nice dinner and get to STAGEBOX before the first fashion shows and performances begin.


Restaurant 1733, Nybrogade 14, 1203 Copenhagen



Sunday 25th September

Husets bio Remedy Sunday


Sunday 25th September | Film start 18:00 | Lounge opens 16.00
1h 59min , 2013, dir Cheyenne Picardo

As a special exclusive treat the director Cheyenne Picardo is flying in from New york to introduce the film for this very special occasion.

Husets Biograf is Copenhagen's oldest underground cinema! And we are thrilled to invite you to this screening of Remedy. 

A drama about a young woman who leaves behind the underground kink clubs of New York City and enters the world of commodified BDSM, where workers are paid to embody the sexual and psychological fantasies of complete strangers.

The young woman must confront her physical and emotional boundaries as she enters the world of professional domination and submission. 

See the trailer.


It’s optional to dress up for this event.


There are limited tickets for this screening so be sure to get yours before they sell out.

Husets Biograf | Rådhusstræde 13 | 1466 Copenhagen