Fetish Fashion Shows by 

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Ausrie Fel2

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TomTo Berlin

DEVIANT CATWALK by LUST Copenhagen (DK) < read more >Lust cph 


 Live Performances by 

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photo - Cato Lain

Charlotte Czochara

Michiel Tange van Leeuwen

Exclusive Dungeon furniture by BDSM Architecture (POL) < read more >

Kink Happenings by Les 3 Mesdames (DK) < read more >


Special appearance by Marquis Magazine < read more >

Kink Happenings by Gabriel Drakefall (SE) < read more >
photo - Dick Andersson


 Pleasure Zones 

Play safe | Respect a no | Misbehave responsibly | Follow our Code Of Conduct

 Vacuum Lounge 

Weather you are simply curious or totally craving for rubber enclosure this is your chance to get sucked in and explore the feeling!

Experience being enclosed in tight latex sheets as you let yourself float in your own rubber bubble as the extra layer tightens around your fixated body. 

As always our resident vacuum bed guides will be there to guide both beginners and experienced players through this intense journey of sensory deprivation and amplification.

 BDSM Play Areas 

You will find BDSM Play Areas and furniture in different zones throughout the venue, letting the intense playful energy playing create fill the whole party.

There will be areas in full view for all you lovely exhibtionists and there will also be areas that are more discret for those that prefer intimate and more private sessions.

Expect to find a diverse range of bdsm furniture including, amongst other things, crosses, slings, gyno-chairs, pillories, spanking benches, cages and whipping horses.

Please bring your own personal play accessories.

 Darkroom | Access for all 

The Darkroom is almost in total darkness. A very dimly lit blue light will help you navigate the shadows. Just enough to sense the people around you.

The Darkroom is a place for those turned on by the unknown and the unpredictable. 

Use your senses, reach out and feel your way forward in the darkness.

 Redroom | Couples only 

The Redroom is a small sex lounge dimly lit in red light for couples that enjoy playing in the surroundings of other like minded playful couples. 

A couple is regardless of sexual preference or gender. You enter the room as a couple and you leave as a couple.

After 02.00 the Redroom area is closed as a couples only zone and thereafter open for all cruisers and players for the remainder of the evening.

Play safe | Respect a no | Misbehave responsibly | Follow our Code Of Conduct

DJ Line-Up 

DJ Núria (DE) < read more >

DJ Andy (SE) < read more >
DJ Andy
photo - Gili Shani

DJ MirrorMan (DK) < read more >


  DJ Mashti (DK) < read more >
DJMashti 1

DJ Thomas Gaarn (DK) < read more >



Newcomers Meetup

For all newcomers who would like to get to know other newcomers before Fetish Fashion Party, this is a side event exclusively for you!

Regardless of age, gender or sexual orientation all newcomers are welcome to join this event.

Your wonderful host Prasitha will welcome you at a café, not far from the venue. 

Prasitha is an experienced member of the Fetish scene and will answer any questions you might have and guide you to connect with other curious newcomers before your exciting night!

For participation send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will respond with a confirmation of your attendance and the address. Registration is open until 48 hours before the party.

No dress code required for this event. There is a changing room at the party venue. We meet at 19.30 at the café and head off to the venue for the party at 21.00

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