Fetish Fashion Party is a unique sex positive space built on respect, friendliness, politeness, and high tolerance.
To maintain this always follow our Code of Conduct to help ensure a great party for everyone.


  • All psychical contact must always be consensual. Always respect a no.

  • Violence and aggressive behavior is never tolerated.

  • Be responsible for yourself and communicate clearly.

  • No photography. Only approved photographers have permission to take consensual photos.

  • Respect each other and behave politely and friendly at all times.

  • It is not allowed to be strongly or visibly intoxicated.

  • The dresscode guide’s decision is final. Failure to comply and you will be refused entry.

  • Misbehave responsibly at all times.

  • No illegal drugs.


We reserve the right to refuse entry or expel individuals from our events without any refund if the Code of Conduct is not respected.